The rules of golf set up and enforced by the U.S.G.A. say, we are allowed to carry up to 14 Golf Clubs in the bag to play a round of Golf. You can carry as few golf clubs as you like but no more than 14. I do not know how they came up with the 14 club rule, but here is what I think. The standard set is a Golf Driver, 2-Fairway Woods, a complete set of Golf Irons (3-9,PW,SW) and a Putter. This is 13 clubs so you have 1 “option” club you can add to make 14, most golfers will opt for another Wedge. Do I need 14 clubs to play a round of golf? Probably not, but, every course is different and every day is different. With that said, you might play course A on Saturday when the weather is perfect, then on Sunday you play the same course and the weather is cloudy and windy, guess what, different clubs for the same holes on different days. So, you do not need to carry 14 Golf Clubs but better safe than Sorry.

There are many reasons that we carry multiple clubs for a round of golf, you can probably think of 100 or more but they all boil down to 2. Every Golf Course is different, and the weather is never the same. That is it, plain and simple.

Sometimes we need distance, sometimes we need a higher or lower trajectory, and sometimes (when we get real good) we need to work the ball. When you play golf often there will be days when you play a round and only use 4 of Vclubshop your clubs for the whole round, while other days you might use 12.

O.K. Lets Get to the Clubs

The Golf Driver

Most Golfers will only carry one in their bag, but a few years ago Phil Mickelson started to carry two, one regular driver and one offset driver to promote a draw.

The golf driver is also referred to as the #1 Wood or The Vclubshop Big Dog. Sometimes it is referred to as the Tee Club because, unlike other clubs in your bag, this club is designed to hit the ball raised up off the ground with a tee. When you pull the Golf Driver out of your bag you have one thing in mind. Distance.

This club is designed to have the lowest loft of all your golf clubs, have the longest length, and drive the ball the farthest distance. The lofts on a Golf Driver range from 7.5 degrees to 15 degrees. The lowest loft drivers are usually used by long drive competitors. The pro’s will use 8 or 9 degree loft. Average male golfers will normally choose 10 degree loft. Senior Golfers and Women Golfers to to go for the higher lofted drivers to help get the ball up in the air.

Fairway Woods

Usually 2-4 fairway woods are carried by the average golfer. Since the advent of the Hybrid Iron more and more golfers are switching out their Fairway Woods in favor of them.

Fairway Woods are Vclubshop designed to hit off the fairway or first cut, and are designed to get you a fair amount of distance. They can also be hit off the tee but you will not elevate the ball as you would with the driver. The #3 and #5 Fairway woods are by far the most popular, but you can get them all the way up to a #15 with a 37 degree loft. The higher lofted clubs are favored by some in lieu of a hard to hit long iron, but like I mentioned before these are being taken over by Hybrid Irons.

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