The LED backlight LCD television attracted the customers from 2009. The high price made the television can not grow fast in the year of 2009, but this situation has changed in 2010. With the implementation of the new standard of energy efficiency, the LED backlight television, which has the advantage of technology and price, will become the mainstream. The concerning proportion of mainland customer increases from eleven percent in January of 2010 to forty-three percent in December, while the concerning proportion reduces from ninety percent to fifty-seven percent.

It is predicated that the shipment of LED backlight technology will increase rapidly in the year of 2011, and the mainland’s sales will exceeds 24 million sets. The sales of traditional CCFL backlight will be 20 million sets. The LED backlight not only has long service life, but also has energy conservation. For the 55” LED backlight TV, the power consumed eclipse on tv by it is equivalent to the 32” CCFL backlight LCD television. With these advantages and the new law of power efficiency, the LED backlight has become the standard of colored TV.

In the mainland families who are planning to by the tablet TV, sixty-five percent of them will care about the problem of power consumption, and about twenty percent of the families will choose the products with high power efficiency first. With improvement of consume idea, customers’ demand of television never limited in the picture, they pay more attention on the energy conservation. Facing with the developing tendencies of the television market, more and more factories are entering the research of LED technology. The revolution brought by the technology update makes the tablet TV enter the family of ordinary people. With the implementation of the tablet television, the LED backlight, which has the advantages of price and technology, will have a bright future.

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