Pokemon Games – Fun With a Poke Ball

Pokemon is actually short for Pocket Monsters, a Japanese video game created by Nintendo. When it comes to sales and popularity, Pokemon games sit beside Nintendo flagship character, Mario. If the famous Mario is a 80s craze, Pokemon has conquered the 90s and beyond Kuro no Shoukanshi. Its popularity among video gamers has increased drastically since the first gamed was released in 1996. Right now, there are still a lot of Pokemon games followers. And that is the reason why Nintendo keeps on creating new versions to please them.Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles anime to debut at Pokémon World  Championships | Eurogamer.net

The setting of this game is in Poke World, a place where pocket monsters and humans co-exist. They are like pets. You can take care of them and train them to evolve and unleash their powers. These Pokemons are also used in battles against other trainer Pokemons or with the wild ones.

Pokemon games are one of the first RPG or role playing games made available. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they follow a rather lengthy story that is filled with loads of adventures and battles. Your character, which is usually Ash, would start from his hometown to travel all around the Poke World to capture new Pokemons, train them well, and eventually become a Champion Trainer.

That is the original Pokemon games story line. However, you may find different versions of this game online. Some simply make use the main characters, usually Pickachu, and make it the protagonist of another all-original one not necessarily related to the Pokemon story. It is even a volleyball game called Pickaball, wherein the players are Pokemon characters. No RPG or adventures involved – only Pickachu having fun with the ball.

With all the types and variations of Pokemon games online, players will simply delight in that vast selection. If you love them and would not mind playing a game or two with them, you really do not need to get your Nintendo console. Just turn on your computer and log online to a host of Pokemon games available for you on the internet.

These games are initially intended for the GameBoy console. And like other popular video game characters, these cute Pocket Monsters have reached celebrity status. You will see Pickachu not only in a GameBoy set but on Tv shows, the movies, and a lots of kids stuff as well.

There are almost a hundred different Pokemons ready to be caught in the Poke World. This is also why this has generated such a great following among video game fans. More than the adventure that the game itself provides, there is that task of collecting all possible Pokemon in your PokeDex. In these games, the player gets to go on adventures. The character that is playable is a young boy and the player can view the character from an overhead perspective. In the game, there are three basic screens players will see. One is a field map. This screen is for navigation purposes for the character. The second screen is the battle screen. This one is for viewing the Pokemon battles that players will engage in. The third is a menu where players can configure game play settings.

When the game begins, a player starts out with one Pokemon. Over the course of the game, they will be able to collect more along the way. They are able to do this by encountering them, battling them, and then throwing a Pokeball at them. If they stay inside the Pokeball after it is used, the player has successfully captured and added it to their team of Pokemon and it can be used for battles.

When a player battles another character, they must choose a Pokemon to use in the battle. They must weaken the other Pokemon by reducing their hit points to zero. When a player wins a battle, the Pokemon they used will gain experience points. Experience points make Pokemon stronger and able to make their hits more effective. Pokemon that win more battles can level up and evolve because of their raised experienced points. If a player encounters a character that wants to battle, but they do not, they have the option to flee. During battles, items can also be used.

If a player engages in a battle and loses, meaning their Pokemon had their hit points reduced to zero, that Pokemon has to be revived. The only way to revive one so it can battle again in the future is to take it to a Pokemon Center, which is like a hospital for Pokemon. There, they will be revived instantly. Some items can also revive a Pokemon, but only during a battle and not after a loss.