One of the major advantages of mobile marketing is the ability to use traditional advertising channels to build a mobile opt-in list. In many cases, mixing in mobile can provide tracking and build customer profile databases. Let’s take a look at how mobile marketing can be used in direct mail campaigns and on web sites.

1. Direct Mail

These are very simple campaigns. All you have to do is put the keyword and the short code in the direct mail piece special offer. The reader enters these into their phone and the mobile system will reply via an SMS message with the details of the offer, which should include a redemption code and a deadline. Then all the customer has to do to redeem is show the offer on their phone at the business.

You can also build a mobile opt-in group for such things as alerts to receive weekly text messages about specials, promotions, events and classes. This approach could also be used in any type of print material.

To join, the reader texts the keyword and the short code. They get a text message confirming their desire to be added to the alert service with instructions on how to opt-out.

2. Web Sites

Similar promotions can be put on a web site. All you need is a page that promotes the value of joining an exclusive club, which will allow them to be the first to know about promotions, sales, special invitations to events etc.

You can build your mobile database very easily just by using a keyword and short code. If you want to capture broader demographic information, you could have people fill out a form during their registration process that allows them to define their primary areas of interest as well as things like gender and zip code. The latter would allow more precise targeting เว็บตรง of subsequent offers.

On a web site (PC or mobile), you can have prospects opt-in by entering their mobile number, completing a form or checking off a box. Since this does not use a keyword and a short code, this process requires a double opt-in. An SMS message is sent to the person asking them to confirm their opt-in along with the mandatory opt-out procedure. Once they confirm, they are registered as a member of your alert service.

Worthy of mention is the fact that you can use unique keywords to define where the prospect found your offer. You can track your direct mail, web and email campaigns as well as use keywords that define geographical locations. You will be able to compare and contrast the effectiveness of your promotion throughout these various channels and locations.

Another mobile marketing campaign that can be set up on your web site is mobile coupons. You can have multiple choices. All the end user has to do is click on which coupon(s) they want, enter their cell phone number and an SMS message is immediately sent with a coupon they can redeem later. What we have done here is completely by-passed the expense of designing, printing and mailing coupons. Since the coupon is on their phone and their phone is always with them, they will have them readily available, not forgotten at home or lost.

The mobile SMS could also contain a “click-to-cal” option. All the person has to do is click on the click-to-call number and they are immediately connected to your store where their order can be taken. From the consumer’s point of view, talk about immediate gratification. From your vantage point, the quicker a customer is given the means to act on a buying decision, the higher your conversion rate will be.


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