Most pool owners would agree that it’s not an exaggeration to say that the invention of automatic pool cleaners revolutionized swimming pool maintenance. While keeping swimming pools clean is extremely important for a variety of reasons, in the past pool maintenance was time-consuming and often involved hard work. Now, however, with the help of automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools, keeping your swimming pool clean and inviting is far easier and far more convenient.

When you first decide to purchase an automatic pool cleaner to make your life and your pool maintenance routine easier, you may find the long list of available models confusing and somewhat overwhelming. Yet, by informing yourself about the main categories of available in-ground pool cleaners and their individual features, benefits and downsides, you will be able to make an educated choice so that you will end up with a product that will work well for you and your swimming pool.

At the same time, it’s also important to keep several factors in mind that are related to your personal circumstances and your particular in-ground swimming pool. For example, your budget will be one of the main factors that will influence your final decision. In addition, the size and shape of your pool are important considerations as are the types of debris commonly found in your pool and the complexity of installation and operation that you are willing to undertake.

With the above factors in mind, you will be able to better evaluate the suitability of the three main types of automatic in-ground pool cleaners. These three categories include suction-side, pressure-side and robotic cleaners. Starting with suction-side automatic pool models for in-ground swimming pools, these units attach to your pool’s skimmer or designated cleaning line and operate off the existing suction. This suction not only allows the automatic vacuums to vacuum up debris, it also provides the power needed for the units to mobilize around the pool.

Suction-side automatic in-ground pool cleaners are a popular option because of their economical prices and their ease of installation and operation. These models are very effective at suctioning up dirt from pool floors and automatically clean in a random pattern. Although suction-side in-ground pool cleaners are advantageous in the sense that they operate off your existing pool equipment, they are not as effective at vacuuming up larger debris, they can cause your pool filter to become clogged and they are better at cleaning pool floors than pool walls. Overall, however, suction-side automatic models for in-ground swimming pools are reliable, quite effective and extremely easy to use.

Pressure-side cleaners are the second type of automatic pool cleaners for you to consider. In contrast to suction-side type, pressure-side models work off water pressure. To do this, they need to be attached to a pump. While some pressure-side automatic pool cleaners can hk pools  be attached to your existing pool pump, many models require an extra, dedicated pump called a booster pump. The necessity of this extra pump adds to the expense of pressure-side automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools so they are typically not as affordable as suction-side cleaners. Pressure-side automatic in-ground cleaners are also not as easy to install and have to have their debris bags cleaned or changed for the units to continue working effectively.

There are also many advantages to this category of automatic pool vacuums. For example, pressure-side cleaners offer excellent cleaning power and are effective at vacuuming up larger debris such as leaves and twigs. Also, the fact that these units have their own internal bags for collecting debris means that they will not cause your pool’s filter to become clogged. For pool owners with larger swimming pools who don’t mind a somewhat more complex installation process, pressure-side in-ground pool cleaners offer some great benefits.

The third and final category of automatic pool cleaners for in-ground swimming pools is that of robotic models. They are considered to represent the highest standard. As a self-contained units, robotic in-ground pool cleaners are powered by electricity rather than running off a pump or filtration system. These solutions have their own pump, a drive motor and an internal bag for collecting and storing debris. Robotic automatic pool cleaners also feature a computer chip, which allows the units to be programmed to clean your pool in a specific pattern for enhanced cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.


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