Student debt is hitting record levels, but there are some simple ways for you to minimise the size of your student loans and borrowing from banks, so you can leave your studies debt-free.

At the moment you are very likely to finish your studies over £23,000 in debt, if you started university this year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By earning just over £100 a week, you can leave your studies debt-free. And here’s how you can do it. You can use your essay-writing skills you have already developed as a student, to immediately start earning money in your spare time… from the comfort of your student digs.

There is a silent revolution going on at the moment, which you can take advantage of. 1,000’s of people around the world are setting-up internet based web businesses and becoming internet based entrepreneurs. And this number is continually rising as more and more people discover how to generate multiple incomes online. As a direct result of this trend, there is an increasing demand for people with certain skills to complete certain tasks for these entrepreneurs.

They either can’t do the tasks themselves or aren’t prepared to spend the time doing these tasks themselves. In return for someone else completing these tasks for them, they are willing to pay a fee. And one of these tasks is ‘Article Writing’. You can use your essay-writing skills to write short articles (400 to 600 words) on a specific topic and in return get paid a fee. If you browse around, you can see 1000’s of examples of the type of articles you can easily get paid to write.

There are special websites on the internet where you can sign-up and register, for free, and offer your writing services for a fee.

These are some of them.

There are more tasks that involve writing skills, which you can get paid for.

You can also get paid to

– write informative and useful comments on newsgroups and forums,
– write blog posts
– write emails

All of these tasks can be completed in pay for essay reddit your spare time, around your studies. There are numerous other services that are in demand and many of these pay considerably higher fees. You can easily learn these higher paying tasks… and at no cost. These skills can easily be learned from free resources available on the internet. You can earn more money, in less time and with less effort once you know these skills


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